Harvest Juice Cafe delivers fresh, unpasteurized, cold-pressed juices and raw and organic smoothies to the Houston area to combat diseases with nutrition, fight for the wellness of others, and see healthy become an easy way of life!  The story of Harvest Juice Café was birthed from our overwhelming desire to see our friends, family and community live a full and healthy life. It begins with my mother-in-love who was diagnosed unexpectedly with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. The doctors gave her a small chance of success even through experimental treatments. My husband and I rushed into action searching for everything and anything we could do to treat her naturally. We found a phenomenal number of testimonies where people saw their diseases reversed through juicing. I instantly bought a juicer and began learning all I could, hoping that if she ever got out of the hospital, we could properly fight cancer through adequate consumption of organic, raw nutrients. Unfortunately, that chance never came and she was only able to taste one of my newly-crafted juices before her body lost the fight with cancer. The life she poured into me was indescribable and it is my hope to pour that life into the Harvest Juice Café community by providing what we didn’t get the opportunity to provide her, fresh raw nutrient dense disease fighting juices.

Our mom thought of everyone but herself not having time to research, shop, or feed her body what would benefit her the most. Whether you find yourself in the same situation or just want to change your eating habits, we are the community for you. Through this networking of like-minded people, we want to care for you as we didn’t have the opportunity to care for our mom. We want to make healthy-eating easy, convenient, and most of all affordable. Health is not what living is about, yet we can’t live without it. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be something you should labor for hours over but something you should be able to live out well. Our commitment to God is to honor your life by building Harvest Juice Café to nurture wellness inside of you. Our commitment to you is to never cheapen the value on your life by giving your body anything less than the best ingredients that it deserves. Harvest Juice Café is here to connect you to a lifestyle of wellness through community, support, and nutrient rich juices because we believe that living happens inside.